04 Euraxessis one of the largest networks supporting researchers' mobility and career development in Europe. There are services and tools available online so you can use them whenever you wish to improve your research and transferable skills. Whatever stage you are at in your research career, you can try self-assessment tools that will help you test your skills and find the resources you need to advance in your further career development.

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Career Development Resources for Researchers - Collection of external learning resources such as training materials; links to online career activities and webinars; articles, advice ,or guidance; case studies. Collection of external learning resources in the topics of entrepreneurial skills, information literacy, disciplinary working, IPR, leadership skills, managing a research career, professional development, public engagement, researcher self-assessment, market exploitation of research results, and working with industry.

Talent Development Suite - is a tool to assist you with your career development planning. Unlike other career planning tools, the TDS is a personal process that does not depict your skills, but gives you a personal idea of your future (private and personal) life.  It is structured into four assessment sections: Future, Present, Past ,and Personal Journey Map.

Intercultural Assistant aims at raising your awareness of the complexity of the intercultural encounters you are likely to experience as a researcher on the move. It consists of four sections you can explore.

No Limits Toolkit for researchers highlights resources to help you identify what's important for you in your career, offer a plan to build on your skills and knowledge ,and to consider a wide range of career options. You can create a plan to reach your professional development goals. It offers different quizzes, links to resources, information ,and opportunities. It has four sections: Values and Motivations; Skills; Career Options; Plan Your Development.

REFLEX - is the online application developed to help the research institutions, researchers and ,professionals assisting researchers to facilitate the process of researchers’ career development. The scheme identifies key areas of researchers’ professional development and provides the ples of activities that can be carried out to support researchers in all of these areas.

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... a few words in your Career on equal opportunities. Please refer to the Toolkit on Gender-sensitive Communication issued by European Institute for Gender Equality for inspirational examples.