Working Group, WG (Working Group)

Due to the implementation of the VRI HRS4R strategy, cooperating groups have been formed to coordinate the process together in all phases (the preparatory phase for the HR Award, the implementation phase of the strategy, and the continuous monitoring and evaluation phase). The composition of each group is representative of the support services and research departments of the Institute and consisted of nominated members.

The role of the WG is to collaborate on the development and coordination of all mandatory activities of the HR Award process and to collaborate on the design, description, and implementation of internal procedures and documents that explicitly implement the HRS4R strategy. The WG coordinates and implements the planned activities in the Action Plan. It evaluates the progress and implementation of the plan and prepares the plan for the next period, prepares a detailed schedule of activities, and proposes a sequence of action steps for each activity. It organizes information for review and feeds back materials or proposed concepts to the RCG, which, as a coordinating research working group, will add to or correct the system according to the functioning of the research groups and specific requests or suggestions from researchers. Based on the outputs from the RCG, the WG also prepares an overview of the implementation of the Action Plan and submits a report to the COP and reports on the progress of implementation. WG participation or activities are coordinated by the HRS4R Administrator.

Main objective: the main task of the working group is to cooperate in the preparation and implementation of the planned activities of the action plan in the phase of implementation of the HRS4R strategy and support for the optimization of HR processes.


HR Award Coordinator, Jiri Kolisek
HR Manager, Jana Krizova
Head of CTT-PP, Ildiko Csolle Putzova, Ph.D.,MBA
Internal Auditor, Irena Smrckova, MSc.
Occupational Health and Safety Specialist, Iva Stranska
Head of IT Department, Roman Dvoracek

Activities: optimization of internal procedures and creation and modification of internal regulations, in relation to the implementation of the activities of the action plan according to the HRS4R strategy, analysis of the current situation, and proposals for implementation according to the needs of working groups and work teams from individual departments and units,

Method of work: cooperation on the implementation of the activities of the Action Plan (AP) for the period 2022-2024

Update 08.03.2023

Research Coordination Group, RCG

This expert group (RCG) ensures the presence of the researchers of the groups (R1-R4) in the preparation and implementation phases of the process. The RCG proposes modifications to the implementation of the HRS4R strategy and also provides feedback and presents the views of the groups that will be affected by these changes. The RCG builds on the outputs of the WG according to the planned activities in the Action Plan. Collaboration and communication with the RCG are ongoing, with the HRS4R Coordinator convening the necessary team meetings through joint participation in WG meetings or independently, or through ongoing delivery of AP implementation outputs. Continuous work and communication on planned activities are done through attendance/online or through the exchange of documents for sharing comments.













Main objective: the expert group ensures the presence of researchers, senior staff, or working group leaders in the implementation of the action plan activities. The composition shall also represent the main target group to which the action plan activities are directed. The individual members can contribute to the successful setting up of new or existing processes and help to implement the activities according to the conditions and needs of the research teams.


Department 1
Prof. RNDr. Daniel Ruzek, Ph.D.
MVDr. Jan Matiasovic, Ph.D.
Mgr. Petra Strakova, Ph.D.

Department 2
doc. RNDr. Ivan Rychlik, Ph.D.
MVDr. Jiri Volf, Ph.D.
Romana Vlcnovska

Department 3
doc. MVDr. Martin Anger, CSc.
RNDr. Petra Musilova, Ph.D.
Ing. Karolina Litosova

Department 4
PharmDr. Josef Masek, Ph.D.
doc. MVDr. Adam Novobilsky, Ph.D.
Mgr. Pavlina Simeckova, Ph.D.
PharmDr. Eliska Maskova, Ph.D.

Activities: expert support to the working group on science and research issues in the implementation of the proposed personnel processes in the framework of human resources management in science and research. The main task is to modify the proposed processes, and draft comments or comments on the modification of internal procedures.

Method of work: cooperation on the implementation of the activities of the Action Plan (AP) for the period 2022-2024

Update 08.03.2023

The committee overseeing the process, COP (Steering Committee)

The Oversight Committee (COP) of the HR Award Process is designed to monitor the progress of the steps for the entry phase and follow-up implementation of the HRS4R strategy. The COP monitors the activities of the WG and the collaboration with the RCG. It manages any changes to the process or timeline in light of the outputs of the expert groups. The function and activities of the COP are carried out by the Director's standing advisory body, the Director's Council. The COP approves the final drafts of all strategic documents required for each phase and the process.

Main objective: control of the implementation phase, monitoring of the activities of expert groups

Members: the function and activities of the Commission are carried out by a permanent advisory body - the Director's Council.

Activities: it addresses any changes in the staffing or timing of the process, discusses the strategic proposals and outputs of the two working groups.

Method of work: according to the schedule of the Director's Council, keeps itself informed about the work of the expert groups, information on the status of implementation according to the AP schedule and the scope of tasks completed. Resolves any complaints or adjudicates difficult implementation situations.

Update 08.03.2023