Microbiology and antimicrobial resistance

DSC 0483 3 231x300Head of the Department: doc. RNDr. Ivan RYCHLÍK, Ph.D.

Phone: +420 533 331 201
E-mail: ivan.rychlik@vri.cz

The Department primarily focuses on the diagnostics, epidemiology and prevention of bacterial infections in animals, including the study of intestinal microbiota and its impact on the resistance and production parameters in animals. Research is also devoted to food microbiology. The Collection of Animal Pathogenic Microorganisms is part of the Department.

Research groups

Zalewska 1 150x200Head of the research group: Barbora ZALEWSKA, MSc., Ph.D.
Phone: +420 777 786 711
E-mail: barbora.zalewska@vri.cz

The research group deals with the safety of foods and environment in terms of their potential contamination with viral agents. The main topics include the development of molecular biological methods and the related study of molecular epidemiology. The laboratory is accredited under No. ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018. In the laboratory, pathogens implicated in significant foodborne viral infections (hepatitis A virus, hepatitis E virus, human noroviruses, adenoviruses, etc.) are detected in foods, environment and biological material. The research team closely cooperates with the inspection authority of the Ministry of Agriculture (CAFIA) and administrative authorities and establishments of the Ministry of Health (KHS, SZÚ, ZÚ).