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doc. RNDr. Daniel Ruzek, Ph.D.
Tel.: +420 777786218
E-mail: ruzek(at)vri.cz

The Department of Virology headed by Assoc. Prof. RNDr. Daniel Růžek, Ph.D. is divided into four research groups: Viral Diseases of Cattle Viral Diseases of Pigs Emerging Viral Diseases National Reference Laboratory for Viral Diseases of Fish The group for Viral Diseases of Cattle is headed by MVDr...more >

doc. MVDr. Renata Karpiskova, Ph.D.
Tel.: +420 777786322
E-mail: karpiskova(at)vri.cz

The Department of Bacteriology headed by MVDr. Renata Karpiskova, Ph.D. deals with monitoring the occurrence, treatment and prevention of bacterial infections of farm animals, causing decreased performance or even death...more >

MVDr. Martin Faldyna, Ph.D.
Tel.: +420 777786695
E-mail: faldyna(at)vri.cz

The Department of Immunology headed by MVDr. Martin Faldyna, Ph.D. implements the projects dealing with swine diseases...more >

Mgr. Petr Kralik, Ph.D.
Tel.: +420 777473009
E-mail: kralik(at)vri.cz

The Department of Food and Feed Safety investigates the microbiological and chemical aspects of safety of food of plant and animal origin, sources of food contamination, animal health with regard to the production of safe food, animal nutrition and development of methods for detecting of food adulteration...more >

prof. MVDr. Jiri Rubes, CSc.
Tel.: +420 721441493
E-mail: rubes(at)vri.cz

The Department of Genetics and Reproduction headed by Prof. MVDr. Jiri Rubes, CSc. with his andrology laboratory team has a long-term practical experience in the field of physiology and pathology of reproduction of farm animal males...more >

RNDr. Miroslav Machala, CSc.
Tel.: +420 720544799
E-mail: machala(at)vri.cz

The Department of Chemistry and Toxicology led by RNDr. Miroslav Machala, CSc. focuses on chemical analysis of complex mixtures of aromatic compounds in the environment and food chain using current analytical methods...more >

RNDr. Jaroslav Turanek, CSc.
Tel.: +420 777787174
E-mail: turanek(at)vri.cz

The Department of Pharmacology and Immunotherapy headed by RNDr. Jaroslav Turanek, CSc. deals with development of recombinant vaccines and adjuvants...more >

MVDr. Eduard Gopfert, Ph.D.
Tel.: +420 775424401
E-mail: gopfert(at)vri.cz

A division of the VRI is devoted to experimental animal facilities headed by MVDr. Eduard Göpfert, Ph...more >

Name +420 5 3333 + line mail + @vri.cz
Mgr.Cerny Jiri, Ph.D.0
MVDr.Dufkova Lucie, Ph.D.1137dufkoval
RNDr.Eyer Ludek, Ph.D.1911eyer
MVDr.Fichtelova Vera, Ph.D.1119fichtelova
Mgr.Fojtikova Martina+420 773743012fojtikova
Mgr.Formanova Petra1320formanova
Dr.Franek Milan, DrSc.1901franek
Mgr.Haviernik Jan1320haviernik
Mgr.Honig Vaclav, Ph.D.0
Mgr.Hrazdilova Kristyna, Ph.D.1320hrazdilova
RNDr.Huvarova Ivana1320huvarova
Mgr.Kastl Tomas1320kastl
MVDr.Kovarcik Kamil, Ph.D.+420 777786319kovarcik
Kyjovska Andrea1121kyjovska
Leharova Lea1117leharova
Ing.Matejickova Katerina, Ph.D.1119matejickova
Matuskova Ilona2951
Mgr.Moutelikova Romana, Ph.D.1101moutelikova
RNDr.Palus Martin, Ph.D.0
MVDr.Pojezdal Lubomir1117pojezdal
MVDr.Pokorova Dagmar1120pokorova
RNDr.Prodelalova Jana, Ph.D.+420 777786321prodelalova
MVDr.Reschova Stanislava1120reschova
doc. RNDr.Ruzek Daniel, Ph.D.+420 777786218ruzek
RNDr.Salat Jiri, Ph.D.1101salat
MVDr.Sobotkova Eva1125sobotkova
RNDr.Sirmarova Jana1123sirmarova
Stefanik Michal1320stefanik
Valdes James Jason, Ph.D.0
Ing.Vesely Tomas, CSc.+420 778476458vesely
Mgr.Zouharova Darina1123zouharova
Name +420 5 3333 + line mail + @vri.cz
Mgr.Bartova Katerina1631bartova
Brozkova Eva2131
Dolezalova Andrea1020
Mgr.Duskova Marta, Ph.D.1631duskova
Mgr.Gelbicova Tereza, Ph.D.+420 775891776gelbicova
Glocknerova Gabriela1233glocknerova
doc. MVDr.Karpiskova Renata, Ph.D.+420 777786322karpiskova
Mgr.Klicova Zuzana1631klicova
MVDr.Kolackova Ivana, Ph.D.+420 778706138kolackova
Konecna Eva1239
Ing.Motlova Jitka2131motlova
MVDr.Reichelova Marketa2131reichelova
MVDr.Tomastikova Zuzana1631tomastikova
Valkova Martina2131valkova
Mgr.Zobanikova Marie, Ph.D.1631zobanikova
Name +420 5 3333 + line mail + @vri.cz
Audova Eva1220audova
MVDr.Bernardy Jan, Ph.D.1611bernardy
Mgr.Crhanova Magdalena, Ph.D.1214crhanova
Mgr.Cejkova Darina, Ph.D.1624cejkova
Cicatkova Petra1302cicatkova
MVDr.Faldyna Martin, Ph.D.+420 777786695faldyna
MVDr.Faldynova Marcela, Ph.D.1214faldynova
MVDr.Fleischer Petr, Ph.D.2503fleischer
Mgr.Gebauer Jan1317gebauer
Ing.Havlickova Hana+420 777786608havlickova
Helanova Blanka1234helanova
Mgr.Hlavova Karolina, Ph.D.1334hlavova
MVDr.Hodkovicova Nikol1611hodkovicova
Ing.Karasova Daniela, Ph.D.1214karasova
Mgr.Kavanova Lenka1123kavanova
Klimesova Katerina2031
Mgr.Kollarcikova Miloslava1624kollarcikova
Kotlarova Eva1332kotlarova
MVDr.Krejci Josef1318krejci
Mgr.Kubasova Tereza, Ph.D.1212kubasova
Kudlackova Hana2031kudlackova
Ing.Leva Lenka1332leva
Mgr.Maceckova Michaela1611maceckova
Mgr.Machat Radek1611machat
MVDr.Matiaskova Katarina1123matiaskova
MVDr.Matiasovic Jan, Ph.D.1317matiasovic
MVDr.Matiasovicova Jitka, Ph.D.1214matiasovicova
Mgr.Medvecky Matej2112medvecky
MVDr.Minarova Hana1611minarova
MVDr.Nedbalcova Katerina, Ph.D.1217nedbalcova
MVDr.Nechvatalova Katerina, Ph.D.1332nechvatalova
Ondriasova Romana1220ondriasova
Mgr.Oresković Zrinka1611oreskovic
Mgr.Polansky Ondrej1219polansky
doc. RNDr.Rychlik Ivan, Ph.D.1201rychlik
Mgr.Sekelova Zuzana1212sekelova
Mgr.Scheirichova Marketa1611scheirichova
MVDr.Smrzova Zora1126smrzova
Mgr.Sebkova Alena1214asebkova
MVDr.Sisak Frantisek, CSc.1213sisak
MVDr.Slosarkova Sona, Ph.D.+420 773756631slosarkova
Mgr.Stepanova Hana, Ph.D.1332stepanova
Mgr.Tesarik Radek, Ph.D.2031tesarik
prof. MVDr.Toman Miroslav, CSc.1318toman
Mgr.Varmuzova Karolina1212varmuzova
Mgr.Vicenova Monika1126vicenova
MVDr.Volf Jiri, Ph.D.+420 777786558volf
Mgr.Zemankova Nada1123zemankova
MVDr.Zouharova Monika, Ph.D.1334zouharova.m
Name +420 5 3333 + line mail + @vri.cz
RNDr.Babak Vladimir1511babak
RNDr.Bartejsova Iva1636bartejsova
Mgr.Beinhauerova Monika1622beinhauerova.monika
Mgr.Beinhauerova Martina1622beinhauerova.martina
Ing.Bena Marcel1618bena
Mgr.Cincarova Lenka, Ph.D.1127cincarova
Mgr.Dziedzinska Radka, Ph.D.1615dziedzinska
Mgr.Hrdy Jakub1618hrdy
Mgr.Husakova Marketa1618husakova
Jakubcova Lea1621jakubcova
Ing.Kaevska Marija, Ph.D.1127kaevska
Mgr.Kralik Petr, Ph.D.+420 777473009kralik
MVDr.Kralova Alena1623kralova
Mgr.Krcmar Pavel, Ph.D.1815krcmar
MVDr.Kubankova Monika1620kubankova
Kvapilova Ivana1023
MVDr.Lorencova Alena, Ph.D.1613lorencova
Mazalova Dagmar1239
Mgr.Michna Veronika1614michna
Mgr.Mikel Pavel1620mikel
Mgr.Moravkova Monika, Ph.D.+420 777786732moravkova
Palasova Lenka1636palasova
MVDr.Piskata Zora, Ph.D.+420 778744321piskata
Mgr. at Bc.Pospisilova Eliska1913pospisilova
Mgr.Reslova Nikol1614reslova
Mgr.Slana Iva, Ph.D.+420 777786711slana
RNDr.Slany Michal, Ph.D.1615slany
Mgr.Skorpikova Lucie1614skorpikova
Ing.Stastny Kamil, Ph.D.2111stastny
Ing.Trckova Martina, Ph.D.+420 777786713trckova
Mgr.Vasickova Petra, Ph.D.+420 777786756vasickova
Mgr.Verbikova Veronika1614verbikova
Vlcnovska Romana1602vlcnovska
Ing.Vlkova Hana1021vlkova
Zalewska Barbora, MSc., Ph.D.1127zalewska
MVDr.Zraly Zdenek, CSc.1612zraly
Name +420 5 3333 + line mail + @vri.cz
MVDr.Anger Martin, CSc.1411anger
Mgr.Cernohorska Halina1425cernohorska
Mgr.Cervenkova Iveta1444cervenkova
Dohnalova Renata1902
Mgr.Frohlich Jan1912frohlich
Mgr.Hanzalova Katerina1416hanzalova
Mgr.Hornak Miroslav, Ph.D.1912hornak
MVDr.Hulinska Pavlina, Ph.D.1416hulinska
Chytkova Ivana1402chytkova
Mgr.Kadlcikova Dita1423kadlcikova
RNDr.Kopecka Vera, Ph.D.1419kopecka
RNDr.Kubickova Svatava1425kubickova
Ing.Linhartova Pavla, Ph.D.1444linhartova
Ing.Machatkova Marie, CSc.1418machatkova
RNDr.Musilova Petra, Ph.D.1423musilova
Muskova Helena1424muskova
Novakova Jirina1424
MVDr.Prinosilova Petra, Ph.D.+420 777786828prinosilova
Mgr.Radonova Lenka1444radonova
prof. MVDr.Rubes Jiri, CSc.+420 721441493rubes
Svobodova Marie1434
Mgr.Sebestova Hana, Ph.D.1424sebestovah
Mgr.Skultety Michal1218skultety
Mgr. et Mgr.Sodek Martin1444sodek
Mgr.Vozdova Miluse, Ph.D.1422vozdova
Name +420 5 3333 + line mail + @vri.cz
Cebakova Jarmila1143cebakova
RNDr.Ciganek Miroslav, Ph.D.1811ciganek
Mgr.Dzimkova Marta1813dzimkova
Grobnerova Eva1802
Mgr.Hyzdalova Martina, Ph.D.1817hyzdalova
Mgr.Kohoutek Jiri, Ph.D.+420 778403377kohoutek
Kolarikova Marta1841
Ing.Koudelka Stepan, Ph.D.1333koudelka
MVDr.Kulich Pavel, Ph.D.+420 777360499kulich
RNDr.Machala Miroslav, CSc.+420 720544799machala
Mgr.Marvanova Sona, Ph.D.1814marvanova
RNDr.Neca Jiri1819neca
Mgr.Novakova Monika1813
Mgr.Paculova Hana1816paculova
Mgr.Pencikova Katerina1816pencikova
Mgr.Prochazkova Jirina, Ph.D.1010
Ing.Slavik Josef1812slavik
Mgr.Svrzkova Lucie1817svrzkova
Mgr.Simeckova Pavlina, Ph.D.1814simeckova
Mgr.Vrabel David1813vrabel
Name +420 5 3333 + line mail + @vri.cz
Mgr.Bartheldyova Eliska+420 773775482bartheldyova
Mgr.Celechovska Hana1345celechovska
Mgr.Hubatka Frantisek+420 773775479hubatka
Jelinkova Dagmar1345
Ing.Kotoucek Jan1345kotoucek
PharmDr.Lukac Robert, Ph.D.+420 773775480lukac
PharmDr.Masek Josef, Ph.D.+420 773775481masek
prof.Miller Andrew D., Ph.D.+420 777357253miller
Mgr.Prochazka Lubomir, Ph.D.+420 773775478prochazkaL
prof.MUDr. Mgr.Raska Milan, Ph.D.0
RNDr.Turanek Jaroslav, CSc.+420 777787174turanek
MVDr.Turanek Knotigova Pavlina, Ph.D.+420 773775476knotigova
Name +420 5 3333 + line mail + @vri.cz
Belakova Lenka+420 778523310belakova
Galgociova Jindra+420 777788726
MVDr.Gopfert Eduard, Ph.D.+420 775424401gopfert
Kolumber Jan+420 778536667
Kovarik Daniel+420 777788674kovarik
Krchnakova Ivana+420 777791551
Makovy Petr+420 777791596
Sobotkova Marie+420 777788592sobotkovam
Siroky Rene+420 777791523
Zboril Dusan+420 777791648zboril