The Veterinary Research Institute as a research organization founded by the Ministry of Agriculture receives part of funding for carrying out its activities in the form of institutional support thanks to the Institution-wide project “Long-term Conceptual Development of a Research Organization” (DKRVO).
An open debate on the final report of the above mentioned project implemented by the Institute’s staff between 2018 and 2022 was held on 25 January 2023. The DKRVO project submitted by the VRI in 2017 was prepared in accordance with the Concept of Research, Development and Innovation of the Ministry of Agriculture for the years 2016-2022 and the Strategy of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic with a view to 2030. This was reflected in the internal structure of the project, based on 16 more or less independent research plans covering a wide range of topics – from infectious animal diseases, food safety, reproductive aspects to pharmacology and toxicology. This made it possible for all research teams to participate in the implementation of particular activities.
The open debate demonstrated how the investigators managed to accomplish the objectives and activities of each research plan. It is important to mention the high scientific erudition of the VRI staff documented by the large number of publications in peer-reviewed journals which according to WoS are ranked in the two upper quartiles in their research areas. There were 384 of them. Besides that, it is also important to note that another 279 publications, including e.g., 1 e-book, 14 book chapters and 138 publications for the veterinary and agricultural professionals were created. Furthermore, according to RIV, a high number of outcomes transferred to end-users was achieved, including 14 patents and 218 other outcomes.
At the end of the open debate, Dr. Faldyna, Director of the Institute, said: “Although the implementation of the entire DKRVO project was adversely affected by two global events – the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine with their political and economic consequences – the results presented today show that all set indicators were met and in most cases exceeded. I would like to express my thanks to our founder for financial support. And above all, the entire staff of the Institute deserve my special thanks for their conscientious work because they made it possible to achieve these results.”