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Festival of Science 2023

The Festival of Science 2023 was launched on 8 September 2023 in Building A1 of the Brno Exhibition Centre and ran until Sunday, 10 September. The event took place daily from 9 am to 6 pm. The large number of visitors and the interest in exhibitions from the realm of science, technology and history clearly indicate that the event was far from boring. Over forty scientific and technical institutions, popular education organisations, academic institutes, universities and private companies prepared interactive demonstrations of their current work or achievements for visitors of all ages, including experts and enthusiasts. The Veterinary Research Institute has been a regular participant in this grand festival, which primarily aims to promote science.

Three of the Institute's four scientific departments presented themselves at the VRI exhibition. The prepared programme was full of fun and new experiences. Visitors had the opportunity to discover the mysteries of microorganisms that contribute to our health as well as those that cause illnesses. We demonstrated the shared characteristics between animals and humans, explored our relationship with parasites and their vectors, and delved into the secrets hidden within our veins and bloodstream. By incorporating playful elements, quizzes and concentration card games, the attendees had the chance to gain not only fascinating scientific knowledge, but also intriguing facts from the realm of science. The programme at the booth was suitable for children and adults alike.

The VRI's participation in this event was supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic under the programme Support and Consultancy in Education.

We were again delighted and pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm for science displayed.

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