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Meeting of the NaCeBiVet Consortium

The first meeting of the consortium members of the project National Centre for Biotechnology in Veterinary Medicine NaCeBiVet supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic took place on 31 January 2023. The recipient – the Veterinary Research Institute hosted this event at its registered premises in Brno, Medlánky.

“Thanks to the large number of participants, the purpose of the Centre is to create a sort of ’virtual biotechnology research infrastructure’ continuously addressing current research needs in the course of the six-year project implementation”, says the project coordinator Dr. Csölle Putzová, adding that she hopes for further collaboration between the partners even outside the Centre with respect to prospective calls for proposals in the future. A total of 26 entities are involved in the project, which allows not only a broad sharing of specific knowledge and expertise, production and development capacities, but also interconnecting and using commercial and distribution relations. The number of anticipated research results are in the higher tens.

Dr. Martin Faldyna, Director of the Institute and the project investigator, opened the meeting and presented the medium-term concept of the Centre, its purpose, content and anticipated results. During the meeting opening, the members of the Centre introduced themselves, including an outline of the professional focus of the company represented and its potential for involvement in the implementation of partial projects within the Centre.
Furthermore, the organisational structure of the Centre, the Board of the Centre, including the definition of its scope, and the project management team were presented. In order to emphasize the mission of the Centre, the coordinator of the Centre for Technology Transfer introduced a strategic partial project aimed at setting up the proper functioning of a competent approach to addressing current societal challenges with an emphasis on technology transfer acceleration.
The programme of the meeting also included information on the announced call No. 1, on the plan for announcing further calls for partial project proposals, as well as information on setting up communication tools between the partners and the recipient. In the subsequent part of the meeting, information on the correct financial reporting of costs in the project was presented.
After discussing these topics, the consortium members had an opportunity to individual meetings in order to form a research team for setting up and preparation of planning of partial projects.