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Our Institute hosted the ECBHM

ECBHM, the European College of Bovine Health Management, serves as a "collegiate body" focused on bovine health management. Twenty-three young veterinarians, residents of the ECBHM, gathered in Brno on 23rd and 24th April 2024, at the Veterinary Research Institute. Professor Dr. Volker Krömker, Dip. ECBHM, from Hochschule Hannover initiated the organisation of this prestigious event specifically at the VRI.

The ECBHM residents, under the guidance of three top experts, participated in the "Udder Health Workshop" primarily focusing on udder health through a model farm audit. Therefore, the workshop participants visited the farm of MVDr. Václav Osička, which housed 300 dairy cows. They thoroughly inspected, measured, and observed its routine operations to assess the current state of udder health and conditions affecting it. It was essential to gather as much information as possible about the local raw milk production process. On the following day, they conducted their expert work at the VRI, which included preparing a farm audit, identifying critical points, and proposing short- and long-term measures to improve the health of the udders of housed cows. The audit conclusions were ultimately presented to the management and staff of the farm, along with other attendees. A discussion ensued, and gratitude was extended for the suggestions by Dr. Osička.

In addition to the professional programme, the Director of the Institute, MVDr. Martin Faldyna, Ph.D informed the participants about the mission of the Institute and its activities, with a focus on cattle health issues. Dr. Faldyna also emphasized the role of the Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences, which has contributed to shaping the direction of applied research in the agricultural sector for 100 years. The visit to Brno also included a guided tour of the city. The entire event was organized and data managed by VRI staff members MVDr. Petr Fleischer, Ph.D. and Doc. MVDr. Soňa Šlosárková, Ph.D. Financial support for the smooth running of the event was provided not only by VRI but also by Tekro, spol. s r.o. and BIOPHARM, Research Institute of Biopharmaceuticals and Veterinary Medicines.

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