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The Veterinary Research Institute participated in the Days of Electron Microscopy in Brno from 18th to 24th March 2024

This year's theme was the villains of the microworld, which could be viewed not only in the shopping centre Vaňkovka, but also at the Small Art Gallery of the Veterinary Research Institute.
The exhibition showed various viruses, a tapeworm proglottid extracted from the intestine of a cat infected from a mouse, the head of a nematode removed form a horse's eye, and a filaria extracted from a woman's upper eyelid. On display were also colonies of Staphylococcus aureus on cling film, intestinal bacteria and dying porcine adipocytes. Additionally, noteworthy images featured microplastic beads and lesions on the trout gills they can cause despite their seemingly harmless appearance.
The images originate from the research activities at our Institute. Research conducted here spans various areas of animal and human health as there is only one health, which we share. Without healthy animals, there will be no healthy people!

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The electron micrographs and 3D models on display come from research conducted by the following VRI scientists: MVDr. Pavel Kulich, Ph.D.; Doc. RNDr. Ivan Rychlík, Ph.D.; Doc. MVDr. Adam Novobilský, Ph.D.; MVDr. Nikola Hodkovicová, Ph.D.; and MVDr. Jan Bernardy, Ph.D.

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Jan Bernardy