Meeting of the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe in Zaječí, Czech Republic

The Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE), European Veterinarians in Education, Research and Industry (EVERI), Union of European Veterinary Practitioners (UEVP) and other associations held a regular general meeting of their members in the Moravian Winery U kapličky in Zaječí upon the invitation of the Czech Board of the Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons. Dr. Martin Faldyna, the VRI Director, participated in the meeting of the Researchers' Section as an invited speaker and provided an overview of the Institute's history, mission, and activities, highlighting its position within the veterinary sector of the Czech Republic. He also presented important projects that VRI is currently working on, among others, in the field of alternative food sources. These are the H2020 funded projects ALEHOOP ( and NEOGIANT ( His performance was highly appreciated. Elections to the Board of Directors were conducted during the sessions of some sections. Our employee Dr. Jan Bernardy was elected to the section of Veterinary Practitioners as a Vice President. The image shows the newly elected members of the UEVP 2023 Board of Directors (from left to right).

Dr. Kenelm Lewis (UK) – Treasurer
Dr. Athena Trahili (Greece) – Secretary-General
Dr. Jan Bernardy (CR) – Vice-President
Dr. Volker Moser (Austria) – President
Dr. Ann Criel (Belgium) – Vice-President
Dr. Giovanni Guadagnini (Italy) – Vice-President