Veterinary Congress including VRI presentation at AnimalTech brought together experts and the public

The Veterinary Research Institute presented its new research results to the agricultural public at its stand from 22 to 26 April 2023 at AnimalTech, the international trade fair for livestock production, such as a publication on African swine fever, which presents the current state of knowledge on this disease, the virus that causes it, and the possibilities for diagnosis and prevention. The aim of the active participation was to present and inform the public as much as possible about the services offered as well as the scientific and advisory activities that are implemented at VÚVeL within the framework of the series of professional seminars and workshops of the VÚVeL ACADEMY (

VRI presented its ongoing projects within the H2020 programme focused on the use of alternative food sources. These projects are ALEHOOP ( and NEOGIANT (

Thanks to the cooperation with BVV, a.s., the traditional Central European Veterinary Congress could take place again this year as an accompanying programme organized by the VRI and Institute of Animal Science (IAS) Prague. The topic was drug policy - the fight against antimicrobial resistance, the agenda related to the mandatory reporting of antimicrobial consumption, new and upcoming regulations in the field of animal welfare and the reduction of harmful gas emissions in agriculture. This information was provided and transmitted by experts from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic, the Institute for State Control of Veterinary Biopreparations and Medicines or the State Veterinary Administration. The expert programme of the congress was introduced by MVDr. E. Kaděrková, the expert lectures were given by MVDr. Jan Bernardy. The morning programme was devoted to veterinary legislation in animal husbandry. The afternoon programme focused on welfare and biosecurity in animal breeding. Each session was concluded by a panel discussion. Participants of the congress had the opportunity to learn about the activities of the Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences, which as a scientific advisory body to the Ministry of Agriculture is co-responsible for shaping applied research in the agricultural sector. The congress was held under the auspices of the Minister of Agriculture Ing. Zdeněk Nekula